Outlook and financial targets

Interim Report Q3 (unchanged; given in the financial statements bulletin on 7 November 2018)

Global meat consumption is projected to increase 1.6 per cent per annum during the coming years. Consumption growth is estimated to be led by poultry. There are also several value-related consumption trends that support HKScan’s strategy implementation.

In 2018, HKScan expects its strategy implementation to start recording results in terms of value growth in sales and operational efficiency in production. The company will emphasise the implementation of its From Farm to Fork strategy through the five focus areas, which are Focus on meat, Leadership in poultry, Continue growing meals business, Cooperate with our farming community and Drive efficiency and cost-competitiveness.

HKScan has set the following long-term financial targets:

  • Operating profit: more than four per cent of net sales
  • Return on capital employed (ROCE): more than 12 per cent
  • Net gearing: less than 100 per cent
  • Dividends: more than 30 per cent of net profit

In 2017, HKScan’s operating result was -1.0 per cent, return on capital employed was -2.0 per cent and net gearing was 59.0 per cent. The company paid dividends amounting to a total of EUR 4.9 million for the 2017 financial period.