Carl-Peter Thorwid

Deputy member of the Board

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M.Sc. (Industrial Engineering and Management), Swedish national, born 1964

Deputy member of the Board 2017–

Member of the Audit Committee

Lantmännen Cerealia AB, CEO

Key employment history:
Lantmännen Unibake, Group Business Lead Fresh Bread and Member of the management team, Head of Integration 2016–2017
Ackot AB, Integration Lead for the Vaasan acquisition at Lantmännen 2014–2016

Accenture AB, 1992–2014
Accenture AB, CMD/CEO 2011–2014
Co-lead and Lead for Accenture Products Market Unit, 2001–2011
Client Account Lead roles for Skanska, Lantmännen, Electrolux, Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks and Volvo Powertrain;
Executive sponsor for Alfa Laval and Swedish Police;
Various Engagement Lead roles for clients within the following industries: Automotive, Industrial Equipment and Consumer Goods & Services, Management Consultant

Teli AB,  Production Planning of AXE-switches 1991–1992

Hälsinge Regemente I14, Officer in charge of Group Chief School 1991
Hälsinge Regemente I14, Officer 1986–1987

Independent of the company, but not independent of its significant shareholders due to his position as CEO of Lantmännen Cerealia AB.