Juha Ruohola

EVP, Export, import and meat balance

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Education: M.Sc. (Agr.), eMBA

Year of birth: 1965

Nationality: Finnish

Shareholding at HKScan: – *

Relevant past positions of trust:

Member of the Board, Landeli Group Ltd, 2018–2019;
Member of the Board, Maalaistuote Vataja Ltd and Pajuniemi Ltd, 2017–2019;
Member of the Board, S&N Ltd, 2014–2019;
Chairman of The Board, Best Inn Ltd, 2011–2014;
Member of the Supervisory Board, Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company, 2010–2014

Key employment history:

Landeli Group Oy, Director, Meat Division, 10/2018–09/2019;
Lihatukku Jouni Partanen Oy, CEO 06/2018–10/2018;
Polarica Holding Ab, CEO, 2014–2017;
Atria Plc, Deputy CEO, 2011–2014;
Atria Plc, Executive Vice President, Atria Russia, 2009–2011;
OOO Pit Product, General Director & Managing Director, 2006–2009;
Atria Plc, Group Vice President, Purchasing and Investments 2006–2009;
Atria Plc, Group Vice President, Atria Russia and Atria Baltic, 2006–2007;
Atria Russia Integration Director, 2006;
Atria Finland Ltd, several Director positions, 2002–2006;
Atria Meal Ltd, Managing Director, 2001;
Lithells Ab, Managing Director, 1999–2001;
Atria Lithells Ab, Managing Director, 1999–2001

* Information updated on 19.5.2021