Esa Mäki

EVP Meat Balance & Supply Chain

EsaMaki small

M.Sc. (Agriculture and Forestry), Finnish national, born 1966

Key employment history:
Atria Finland Ltd., Vice President, Export and Industry Sales; Managing Director at Best-in Oy 2015-2018; Finnprotein Oy, Director, Finnprotein bankruptcy estate 2014; Biolan Oy, Managing Director (Biolan Oyand Favorit Tuote Oy) 2008-2014; HKScan Corporation, Broilertalo Oy Managing Director; EVP, Red Meat; HK Ruokatalo Oy Managing Director; EVP, Poultry Business 2003-2008; Atria Plc, Product Group Manager, Meat and By-product Exports; Production Manager, Slaughtering and Meat-Cutting, Kauhajoki; Export Manager, Meat Line; Manager, Red Meat; Manager, Logistics, IT, Maintenance and Control 1994-2003