Students & graduates

We are continuously seeking new ways to develop the talent we have, and look for ways to inspire the talent we will need in the future

Year-round seasonal employment

Over 1,200 temporary employees will be working in various roles at HKScan this summer. There will be over 600 seasonal employees in Finland, 575 in Sweden, 30 in Baltics, 110 in Denmark and 35 in Poland. By employing a large team of seasonal workers, HKScan is able to guarantee year-round enjoyment of good food both on weekdays and special occasions. Seasonal back-up is required during the peak barbecue season and also during Christmas, Easter and May Day festivities. This year’s first seasonal employees started work as early as February.

We offer a variety of production jobs and good opportunities for career development working with our famous brands. In addition to production jobs, we also offer jobs in our business services, some examples being finance, customer & consumer service, raw material and production planning, marketing. A seasonal job at HKScan is a good stepping stone to permanent employment.

In addition to providing seasonal jobs, HKScan is also offering trainees the opportunity to develop new skills working with our well-known brands.

Master’s or final thesis

We offer students various opportunities across our international markets. Our master’s and final thesis assignments are a great way to familiarize yourself with our way of working before you graduate. It is an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, practical experience, and become inspired about your future.

Contact your nearest HKScan office in Finland, Sweden, Denmark or Baltics to discover what opportunities are in your country.

International Trainee Program "Inspired"

 Amongst many exciting things happening here we are very proud of the work we are doing in helping to create a talented workforce now and for the future.

Our International Trainee Program "Inspired" is one of many great efforts that has been strategically designed to ensure the best start at an exciting career but also provides competitive development for candidates in search of a challenging career with us.

The Program Description

The program duration is two summers. The program offers challenging summer job opportunities in our home country locations (Finland, Sweden, Denmark or Estonia) during the summer months of your starting year. Based on the performance and potential fit of the trainee, we will also provide an opportunity for a traineeship abroad during the following summer of your second year.

Master's / final thesis is an integral part of the program as well as an option for working part time during the studies.

The trainee will be assigned a mentor from our expert panel who will offer continuous support and direction throughout the program. In addition, we will offer some training during the program to help you to develop yourself further.

Students in the 2018 Program have been placed within specialist function across our markets, from finance, sales and marketing to product development, supply chain, legal and animal sourcing where carefully designed tasks are be provided so students are able to make an immediate impact. We are not launching a new program in the spring 2019 but follow our advertisements on our career pages, LinkedIn and other job portals and recruitment channels!


 Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities!