Colleagues working in office looking at blueprints

Leadership and development

We grow and learn together every day.

We believe strong leadership, a common set of values and dedicated employees are what makes us successful in fulfilling the growing needs of the world’s most demanding fork.

Our values - Inspire, Lead, Care and Deliver - are our guides in all our everyday actions and interactions, whether between fellow HKScan team members or external partners.

Leaders in HKScan are expected to lead their organization in accordance with our values. In a company like ours, we need leaders on many levels of the organization. From the shop floor leader ensuring everyday operation works as smooth as possible to the top management setting the strategic direction for the company. HKScan is therefore a great place to make a career for the aspiring leader. We are committed in developing our leaders and also invest in the development of future leaders within the organization.

Versatile development opportunities for our employees 

Joining HKScan is an opportunity to develop professionally and personally. We offer various career development opportunities for our employees; possibilities vary from horizontal moves to taking more challenging roles in the organization. Within HKScan we want to promote internal mobility and therefore we post all open positions internally. Employees can apply to any of the available positions, so there is a wide range of possibilities. Competence development includes learning new positions, learning in your daily work and formal internal/external training. Development actions are discussed during the yearly Performance Dialogues (PD).

It is equally important for the company to be able to offer its employees the opportunity to grow, develop and acquire new experiences within the company as it is for the employee to know that we work in a company where we have the possibility to develop and where the company takes care of the employee's skills and inherent resources.



"Communicate and apply the vision"

 Leaders live up to our values through their actions and words. They communicate effectively and encourage team members to innovate and take the initiative. 

Leaders focus is on opportunities and significant achievements of their subordinates. They also ensure that consumers' voices are respected and responded to. 


"Set the direction and expectations"

Leaders give direction and ensure that we live up to our promises. They overcome obstacles and make decisions that result in unified action, without cutting corners. 

Leaders invest in the common good, clarify roles and oppose silos. They make things happen by taking ownership, prioritizing, showing accountability, knowing the numbers, and making hard choices. 


"Follow through and support"

Leaders build strong teams with high levels of trust and respect, and support personal and professional growth. They address issues without delay and challenge team members to excel by giving feedback on everyday performance. 

Leaders never compromise on quality, always keep their promises, and secure the future by reaching profit target. 


"Know your numbers and take accountability for your work"

We reach good results by knowing our numbers and paying attention to our everyday performance. We understand the connection between our work and company’s financial result.

We perform above expectations by taking initiative and by always working in line with HKScan’s targets.

We ensure quality and high professional standards in everything we do.