HKScan is developing towards a versatile food company

“We have an exciting road ahead of us both in terms of developing our offering and finding new ways to serve our customers and consumers”, says Tommy Falck, VP Development Projects and Procurement on his career interview.


What kind of tasks do you have, Tommy Falck VP  Develoment Projects and Procurement?
I am leading Group procurement, the Group strategy process as well as different strategic development projects.

Tell us a few examples of your work.
During 2021 I was leading the Group strategy process facilitating our business units’ strategy creation. Right now, a lot of focus is on mitigating the strong inflation pressure in our supply chain and to ensure availability of key materials.

Is there something new and interesting going on HKScan?
HKScan is developing towards a versatile food company. Sustainability and carbon neutrality are key drivers in the food value chain and eating habits are becoming increasingly versatile both in terms of what we eat and where and when we eat. To be a successful and profitable large player in the food industry long term we need to be present in these growing food moments with a variety of products and convenient food solutions. This means that we have an exciting road ahead of us both in terms of developing our offering and finding new ways to serve our customers and consumers.

We are committed to reducing our climate impact significantly throughout the value chain. Our Zero Carbon program, which targets carbon neutrality in our own production by 2025, and the Agrofood Ecosystem® piloting, which targets reducing the carbon footprint in the primary production, are both great examples of how we execute this commitment.

What kind of challenges do you face at work?
Currently the strong inflation and rapid cost increases are challenging and puts pressure on the procurement organization as well as the whole Group.

What makes you excited at work?
I am excited to be able to impact how an organization in a quite traditional industry is transforming towards a more modern and sustainable company.

When did you start working at HKScan and tell us about your career path?
I started my career in the CEO office at HKScan in the beginning of 2019 focusing on setting up the turnaround program. In 2019 I also took the responsibility for Group Procurement alongside the turnaround program. In 2020 I took responsibility for the group strategy process.

How do you see HKScan values Inspire, Lead, Care and Deliver?
To me these are great soft and hard values that I can relate to in my daily work. Deliver is a new value we brought to HKScan in 2019, which highlights the importance of following through and delivering on our promises.