Everyone is interested in food, its responsibility and origin!

Group Communication Manager Liisi Tamminen says that the company's communications emphasize food democracy. Healthy diet is the result of balanced and varied choices. Liisi invites you to follow HKScan's social media channels.


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What kind of communication tasks do you have?
I plan and carry out HKScan Group’s responsibility communication and reporting. I’m also involved in many communication projects, strategy communication and financial reporting. I also assist our specialists in various communication situations.

Is there something new and interesting going on in HKScan’s responsibility communications?
Everyone is interested in food, its responsibility and origin these days! HKScan is one of the biggest food companies in Northern Europe, so our operations have a big impact on the local food chain. “We communicate a lot about food democracy, because we believe that different diets and eating habits can easily live side by side. Healthy diet is the result of balanced and varied choices. 

Nature and people are the key themes in our responsibility work. Our journey towards a carbon-neutral food chain by the end of 2040 is really inspiring as we are looking for new solutions for sustainable food production together with our contract farmers and other partners. It's nice to communicate about actions, big and small! 

Corporate responsibility is playing an increasingly important role in investment decisions, so we are actively communicating our journey to investors and shareholders. At the beginning of December, we had some good news as HKScan was included in the Nasdaq OMX Sustainability Finland index of the most responsible companies on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

Why is responsibility important to HKScan?
Since food affects the wellbeing of people and environment, responsibility is the basis of our whole strategy. For us, responsibility means continuous improvement and genuine action throughout the food chain. 

What makes you excited at work?
I get excited when I have a chance to communicate genuinely significant matters together with HKScan’s top specialists. 

HKScan is on a journey to become a versatile food company. What’s your favourite food?
I love pizza! Pizza is particularly good when the dough has been left to rise for at least a couple of days and is topped with fresh, high-quality ingredients. My favourite pizza has air-dried ham, rocket shoots and good mozzarella. 

How can we follow HKScan’s communication?
The easiest way to keep up with our responsibility work is to follow our social media accounts. HKScan is on Twitter and LinkedIn, for example. There are a lot of news and updates also on our website www.hkscan.com. 

Is there anything else you’d like to say?
Communication is really interesting - especially in a sector that is in a state of transition. It's a job where you constantly learn new things and have a chance to develop your own strategic thinking. It’s rewarding when you can crystallise complex issues into understandable, clear messages that come alive in the speeches, texts and presentations of colleagues and partners.