We promote work safety and our goal is zero accidents

“HKScan's aim is for each of us to return home safe and sound after each working day," says Anssi Wiik, Safety Director in his career interview.


What do you do Safety Director Anssi Wiik?
Together with our Business Units and sites, I develop our company’s safety culture towards zero accidents. My role is to work with different organisations to ensure that HKScan achieves its safety targets and that our safety culture develops in the right direction.

HKScan's aim is for each of us to return home safe and sound after each working day. 

Tell us a few examples of your work. 
Each week, we review with all our Business Units the previous week's workplace accidents and learn from what has happened. We share good practices and try to eliminate risks before anything happens. We also have many development projects underway. Our goal is for everyone at HKScan to know their role and responsibilities in improving safety at work.

HKScan is a North European food company. How does being international affects your work?
The working cultures in our different business areas are different and this needs to be taken into account in the way things are done. We work together across national borders and learn lessons and best practices from each other.

What makes you excited at work?
The best feedback is when our people recognise the importance of a safe working environment and working practices in all their activities, and attitudes towards safety at work change. Well-managed safety at work also has a major impact on factors such as well-being at work, quality and efficiency.

I am motivated by the progress in the work safety culture and good results of continuous improvement. Long periods with no accidents and an increasing number of safety observations show that we are moving in the right direction.

HKScan’s values Inspire, Lead, Care and Deliver, how do you see them in your work?
Standing behind HKScan's values is easy. Our shared values and acting on them create an environment where it’s meaningful for everyone to play their part, including in the area of work safety. 

HKScan is on a journey to become a versatile food company. What’s your favourite food?
I especially like street food. Crispy chicken and shrimp tacos are my favourites.

What was the last safety observation you made?
My most recent observation relates to remote work and the importance of ergonomics, also in the home office. It’s important that lighting and working postures are correct. Let's also remember to take adequate breaks from our work.

Give us a safety tip!
Recently, there have been accidents and near-miss cases related to moving. My advice is to make sure you allow enough time for moving from one place to another and focus 100% on what you are doing. Using mobile devices while on the move is a major safety risk and I encourage everyone to only unlock their mobile devices once they have reached their destination.