Tuomas Virtanen

Head of controlling, International business & Biotech, Vantaa Finland

Been with HKScan since: 2016

Favourite HKScan product: Omega 3 Pork

Favourite food: South East Asian Cuisine

Hobbies: Traveling and food

If I had a super power I would: Be telephatic

“How we collaborate across functions is an essential part of the success of my role.”

Before joining HKScan I was doing finance in a Global Cosmetics Corporation; HKScan has been my introduction to the Food and meat industry and it’s going great.  One of the most interesting things I have discovered is how complex the business can be in relation to the amount of optimization between product categories and customers.

It’s also quite interesting to know the journey each product has made before it gets to the stores. Owning our entire value chain is truly unique as this differentiates us from the rest of our competitors as no one else is offering this kind of transparency.

I started out as a commercial business controller and my role has developed a lot since then. My role now covers the financial responsibility of our International and Biotech related business.

My working days vary which I find quite refreshing; a day can include anything from business case preparations, budgeting, and business performance analysis to reviewing different process developments.

An Important aspect of my role is to be close to the business and understand it from a wider perspective. It helps to bring the value and understanding behind the numbers and provide a thorough and in depth analysis as well as corrective suggestions for some of our performance areas.

I have a great network of people from my own function but it is equally as important to be in close contact with skilled people from other functions and expertise backgrounds. A large part of my role is gathering information from these different functions and analyzing the data to make sense of the numbers, so I would say, how we collaborate across functions is an essential part of the success of my role.

Our company values; Inspire, Lead and Care also serve a very important function as they have become a compass for all my actions because they are easily embedded into my character and everyday routines.

I’m looking forward to seeing my role develop further but moreover I am looking forward to the role of finance strengthening in helping to push the company forward.

Tuomas Virtanen