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HKScan as an investment

We are a publicly listed food company with over one hundred years of experience in responsible Nordic food production for customer and consumer needs. Our sustainable way of operating spans the entire value chain, from farm to consumer.

Our nearly 7 000 professionals ensure our promise of high-quality products that taste good. Our home markets cover Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltics. We also export to nearly 50 countries.

Our diverse product selection includes poultry, pork, beef, and lamb products as well as processed meat and meals. Our widely recognised iconic brands include HK®, Kariniemen®, Via®, Scan®, Pärsons®, Rakvere®, Tallegg® and Rose®.


We serve customers in the retail, food service, industrial and export sectors. We are a strong partner for retail with our well-known consumer brands. Due to consumers’ changing eating habits and buying behaviour, the food service channel is growing and opening interesting opportunities for the food industry. We continue investing in growth and strengthening our position in evolving and growing sales channels. New commercial concepts and digital solutions, together with the expanding product range, are our growth drivers.


Our new Group strategy, published in November 2019, focuses on the Turnaround programme for 2020–2021. Implementation of the programme creates a financially solid foundation for the company’s future growth. At the same time, we pave the way for profitable growth with other forward-looking development measures. 

We aim to grow profitably into a versatile food company, have a stronger presence in consumers’ food moments and strengthen our market position in evolving markets together with our customers. Our growth drivers are the Group’s strong, innovative poultry range as well as meals and meal components. Responsibly produced meat and meat products are at the core of the our operations and will continue to play a major role in the future. Strong partnerships are part of our new strategy; they provide the basis for achieving the goals. As consumption habits are changing, we are looking into expanding our business into new product categories and raw materials.

Our strategic priorities are growth in consumers’ food moments, performance excellence, advanced responsibility work and a competitive farming community. In our strategy, we also state that the growth of exports, especially to Asia, is important and that we continue our efforts to strengthen our position in our key export markets. We continue to strategically assess the company structure and review the positioning of different market areas as part of the Group’s operations.

Operating model

In early 2020, we launched a new operating model targeted to strengthen market area-level profit responsibility and performance management as well as our customer and consumer-driven way to operate. The operating model renewal is central in the implementation of our new strategy.  

Long-term financial targets

HKScan’s long-term financial targets: EBIT over 4 per cent of net sales, return on capital employed (ROCE) over 12 per cent, net gearing less than 100 per cent, and dividends more than 30 per cent of net profit.

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