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HKScan as an investment

HKScan Corporation is a publicly listed meat and food company with over one hundred years of experience in responsible Nordic food production for customer and consumer needs. Our team of approximately 7,000 professionals is committed to serving the world’s most demanding consumers and making their daily lives tastier.

We sell, market and produce high-quality, responsibly produced pork, beef, poultry and lamb as well as meat products such as meals and cold cuts. Our widely recognised iconic brands include HK®, Scan®, Rakvere®, Kariniemen®, Rose® and Tallegg®.

We serve customers in the retail, food service, industrial and export sectors. Our home market comprises Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltics. We also export to nearly 50 countries.

We are committed to high standards of economic, social and environmental responsibility as well as animal health and welfare both in our strategy and operations. Our offering comes with a promise of tasty food and Nordic purity, quality and responsibility. This promise covers the entire meat value chain and everyone involved in the process – from farm to fork.


HKScan will grow into a versatile food company in line with its new strategy. Read the stock exchange release published 6.11.2019. 

Market areas

HKScan’s home market consists of Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltics. We also have sales offices in Germany and Hong Kong, and a representative office in St. Petersburg, Russia. We are headquartered in Turku, Finland.

We have customers around the world from the US to New Zealand. Asia represents a significant and growing export market for us. We began exporting to China in May 2018. Consumers in nearly 50 countries enjoy products made from our raw materials everywhere from homes and schools to workplace cafeterias and restaurants. Our production units are located around the Baltic region, which enables flexible adjustment of our production capacity and allows us to maximise our efficiency and synergies in developing our offering.

Fact sheet

From the President and CEO


Business and operating environment

Figures by market area in 2017


  • Net sales EUR 759 million
  • Operating profit * EUR 9 million
  • Personnel 2,139


  • Net sales EUR 742 million

  • Operating profit * EUR -9 million

  • Personnel 2,964



  • Net sales EUR 148 million
  • Operating profit * EUR -3 million
  • Personnel 663


  • Net sales EUR 159 million
  • Operating profit * EUR 4 million
  • Personnel 1,527

                                                         * Comparable