Responsibility management


HKScan’s strategy is to focus on the consumer by leading the food value chain from farm to fork. We revisited our strategy in 2017. HKScan’s renewed strategy positions the Group uniquely within the Nordic food industry.

The 'From Farm to Fork' strategy focuses on active food value chain leadership, with the capability for renewal. We emphasise innovation, cost competitiveness and sustainability, with a strong focus on consumers.

HKScan’s strategic choices emphasise the Group’s position as a socially and environmentally responsible, as well as sustainability focused member of the Nordic societies.

Sustainability and quality offer growth opportunities

We see opportunities for growth. There are several consumer trends supporting the growing demand for sustainably produced high-quality food. We are confident that by creating innovative products and concepts that appeal to consumers, we can strengthen our brands and drive category growth.

By stressing high-quality and sustainability, we can build sustainability a differentiating edge for both Nordic and international markets.


HKScan’s mission is to make daily life tastier for consumers and customers – both today and tomorrow. As a leading Nordic food company, active on multiple markets, we impact on many people’s everyday lives. We have deep insight into our consumers’ needs and we provide them with an extensive offering of tasty products both for daily dining and special occasions. ‘Making life tastier’ not only means offering great flavour, but also giving consumer peace of mind: when they choose HKScan, they can be confident they are making a responsible choice.


Our vision is to serve the most demanding fork in the world.

Over 100 years of experience give us the skills needed to take responsibility at every step of our value chain – from farm to fork. We’re committed to being the world’s best, both in animal care and in reducing our environmental impact. We take the wellbeing of our communities and people seriously. We see our Nordic heritage as both a point of pride – and our key asset.

We believe that meat – in the right amount and from the right farms – is a valuable part of a happy and healthy life. This inspires us daily to offer consumers the food they love. Looking ahead to our next 100 years, we are ready to serve the world’s most demanding fork.

Strategic focus areas

We aim to expand our playing field to reach a leading market position and presence in key sales channels in our Nordic home markets and develop international growth avenues with a focus on Asia.

Our core business is meat and meals. We will be present in all price segments, but drive growth by building a stronger position in upper mainstream and premium segments.

We have defined five must-win battles to reach our strategic objectives and to effectively execute the strategy.

Focus on meat. We innovate to meet consumer demand and invest in new concepts and products. We stress high-quality and sustainability in differentiation.

Leadership in poultry. We target the leader position in poultry with the help of the new, state-of-the-art poultry site in Rauma.

Continue growing meals business. We invest in increasing market share in attractive meals category with both growth and premiumisation potential.

Cooperate with our farming community. We establish producer partnerships with our community of farmers to secure responsibly produced, high-quality raw material, to enable commercial innovation and differentiation.

Drive efficiency and cost-competitiveness. We will improve on-site efficiency and develop asset utilisation in our production network. Our new operating model, in effect since June 1st, 2017, offers the capability for renewal, strengthens our way of working effectively as one Nordic team and drives us to execute our strategy in a cost-competitive manner.


Our common values guide us in all our everyday actions and interactions, whether between fellow HKScan team members or external partners and other stakeholders.