Calculation of financial indicators

HKScan discloses alternative performance measures (APM) to give relevant information to stakeholders. Disclosed APMs are also used in steering the company. Items affecting comparability and related APMs are disclosed to better reflect the operational business performance and to enhance comparability between periods.

Return on capital employed (ROCE) before tax, last 12 months (%)

Profit before tax + interest and other financial expenses

___________________________________________________________     x 100

Balance sheet total – non-interest-bearing liabilities (average)

Equity ratio (%)

Total equity

___________________________________________________________     x 100

Balance sheet total – advances received

Net gearing ratio (%)

Net interest-bearing liabilities

__________________________________________________________     x 100

Total equity

Earnings per share (EPS)*

Profit for the period attributable to equity holders of the parent


Average number of outstanding shares during period

Equity per share

Equity attributable to holders of the parent


Number of outstanding shares at end of period

Market capitalisation

The number of outstanding shares at the end of period x
the closing price on the last trading day of the financial year

Cash flow before debt service

Cash flow before financing activities and financial items

Cash flow before investments

Cash flow before financing activities, investment activities, financial items and taxes

Employee numbers

Average of workforce figures calculated at the end of calendar months

Items affecting comparability

One-time charges, which are not related to the normal continuing operations and materially affect the company’s finances. Examples of such expenses are: capacity adjustments (restructuring), redundancy, legal costs relating to restructuring or similar, one-time expenses related to efficiency/reorganisation programmes, significant compensations or penalties paid out due to a legal verdict or settlement, transaction fees/expenses related to business acquisitions (consultation, advisory, legal, due diligence, registration etc.) and gains/losses of business disposals.

Comparable EBIT

Operating profit – items affecting comparability

Comparable profit before taxes

Profit before taxes – items affecting comparability

* When calculating the earnings per share, interest and issue costs of the hybrid loan, net of tax, have been reduced from profit for the period.