Nordic chicken

HKScan has chicken operations in Denmark, Finland and Estonia.

Poultry picture

We believe in and build on responsibility throughout our entire value chain. HKScan plays a leading role as a promoter of animal welfare in Finland and Sweden, countries renowned for their early ban on growth promoters and their zero tolerance of salmonella. The exceptional health status of Finnish, Danish and Estonian poultry is internationally acknowledged by the World Organisation for Animal Health.

Organic chicken 1200

Organic Chicken from Denmark

Danish organic chickens are free to do what comes naturally: scratch, take dust baths, preen – and grow at their own pace. In summer they spend most of their days outdoors, and in the winter they stay warm and dry in the shed, with ample space and fresh air. In summer their diet includes green leaves, dandelions and other natural treats they unearth for themselves.

All poultry at HKScan Denmark are slaughtered according to Halal regulations.



Farm born

Farm Born Chicken from Finland

At HKScan we have made another step to improve animal walfare. We have launched Farm Born concept, which means that the chicks are hatched and reared at the same farm. This means that there is no need to transport the small chicks and they can right away start their everyday life and get to know their surroundings. The calm and pleasant life in controlled and clean enviroment keeps the chicken stronger and healthier.