Nordic Pork

HKScan has pork operations in Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

HKScan  Farmer and Pig

Finland and Sweden are pioneers in animal welfare and developing healthy food. Examples of our work in these areas include our early ban on growth promoters and our excellent salmonella status. The good health status of Finnish, Swedish and Estonian pigs is internationally acknowledged by the World Organisation for Animal Health. Nordic pork is natural, healthy and tasty.

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Omega 3 Pork from Family Farm

Omega 3 pork is a tenderer, healthier and tastier innovation that contains four times more omega-3 than normal pork and contains lower amounts of saturated fat. This unique product was created after four years of uncompromising development with research institutes in Finland (including the Natural Resources Institute Finland and the University of Helsinki). Our Omega 3 pigs follow a special GMO-free diet consisting of home-grown grain and Brassica Napus seeds.


Launched in 2011, this new kind of pork meat has proved successful in lowering the amount of saturated (hard) fat in the diet compared with normal pork. Substituting saturated fat for unsaturated (soft) fat is recommended by health experts, and the company has been rewarded for its work for better heart health by the Finnish National Institute of Health.