HKScan distribution center

Baltic Logistics Center (Jüri, Harjumaa, Viro)

HKScan's new logistics center serves the entire Baltics centrally and provides jobs for over 100 people. The centre brings more efficient customer deliveries and promotes responsibility, by significantly reducing the environmental footprint. The building has 9,000 square meters of warehouse space that can be expanded later.

The new logistics centre was opened in September 2021 and will not only support HKScan’s strategy to grow into a versatile food company, but will also contribute to meeting the company’s and consumers’ expectations for responsible operations. Consolidating HKScan’s Baltic logistics next to Tallinn helps us to prepare for the increasingly competitive demands of the changing and evolving retail and food service market in the Baltic countries, which primarily concerns the speed, quality and frequency of deliveries, delivery capability and reliability. In the logistics centre, we have upgraded the warehouse management system (WMS) and introduced modern tools. Also, we have paid special attention to the occupational safety and well-being of our employees.

Environmental sustainability plays a very important role in the establishment of a logistics centre. The centre helps us save on both storage and distribution costs and significantly reduce environmental impacts, thus meeting the expectations of responsible business. Thanks to our new logistics centre, the truck mileage is reduced by at least 400 000 kilometres per year, which is equal to 10 times driving around the globe! At the same time we are reducing the gas emissions this way. The building is equipped with solar panels, which will help us to reduce electricity consumption by around 30%. In addition, we are introducing an automated tare washing line with a productivity of 25% higher than the washing lines in use so far.