Our units

in Finland

Turku head office

Head office of the HKScan Group is located in Turku. HKScan Group administration and export personnel work at the head office. Part of HKScan’s financial and HR personnel as well as animal sourcing and primary production service personnel is also based in Turku. 

Vantaa unit

The Vantaa unit produces food – meals and meat products. The centre for logistics operations in Finland and certain Group functions are also based there.

Forssa unit

The Forssa unit slaughters and cuts pigs and packages pork. Part of animal sourcing and primary production personnel is also based in Forssa.

Rauma unit

Rauma is the newest of HKScan units, slaughtering poultry and cutting and packaging meat.    

Outokumpu unit

The Outokumpu unit slaughters cows and cuts beef.

Paimio unit

Cows, pigs and sows are slaughtered in Paimio.

Mikkeli unit

The Mikkeli unit produces food, hamburgers and meat products. 

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