Economic responsibility

Farming community in Sweden

HKScan's Farming Community in Sweden works in close collaboration with our suppliers of beef, pork and lamb.

 We build long-term business relationships and actively work for a responsible production chain from farm to fork.

Our buyers buy in the raw material demanded by our customers and are responsive to the development of concepts or utilizing different added values at farm level. Unique concepts that we like to promote include: Rapeseed Pig or the Pig Sire Breed Hampshire. The rapeseed pig concept means that pigs on selected farms are fed with rapeseed oil, which results in a unique end product with juicier meat with a higher proportion of useful polyunsaturated fats.

Our buyers have a broad knowledge and extensive network of contacts in the industry that benefits our suppliers and partners. Purchasers meet the needs of live animals and breeding animals and offer attractive financing solutions.

Our suppliers are offered unique services and products through our Manufacturing Services. Our consultants and experts have reviews on the farms in which they propose solutions that benefit farm productivity, animal welfare and the working environment. Sustainability and the environment form a natural part of the dialogue. Annually, HKScan Farming Community in Sweden designates a farm that is at the forefront of its environmental work and is contributing to biodiversity by distributing our Environmental Prize to the Supplier.

Animal feed is one of the biggest costs in animal production it also has a decisive impact on the quality of the final product. Therefore, we are investing in our expertise in feed and also offer unique HKScan feed solutions to our pig producers.

Our suppliers are invited to seminars, field trips and study trips to increase their knowledge and to be introduced to networking. Digital tools and reports are offered through our online services.