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  1. Resolutions passed by the Annual General Meeting of HKScan Corporation

    HKScan Corporation             Stock Exchange Release      11 April 2019          16:00 EEST

  2. CEO Tero Hemmilä’s review at HKScan’s Annual General Meeting

    HKScan Corporation, Stock Exchange Release, 11 April 2019, 10:00 (EEST)

  3. Changes in HKScan’s management

    HKScan Corporation          Stock Exchange Release          3 April 2019               13:05 (EEST)

  4. HKScan has completed statutory negotiations in Finland

    HKScan Corporation, Stock exchange release, 3 April 2019 13:00 (EEST)

  5. HKScan has set new targets to fight climate change

    Being committed to the good standards of corporate responsibility, HKScan has sharpened its climate program. The company commits to cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 90% by 2030. In 2018 HKScan has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 48 % compared to 2014.

  6. Notice of the Annual General Meeting

    HKScan Corporation          Stock exchange release           15 March 2019     10:00 (EET)

  7. HKScan’s Annual Report for 2018 has been published

    HKScan Corporation                           Stock exchange release   13 March 2019 11:00 (EET)

  8. HKScan opens its modernised Kristianstad plant in Sweden

    On Tuesday, 5th of March HKScan held an opening ceremony for the company’s modernised plant at Kristianstad. An investment of almost seven million euros has enabled an upgrading of the site, but also important energy savings, enhanced food safety and an increased production efficiency.

  9. HKScan aims to improve its competitiveness in all its markets

    HKScan Corporation, Stock exchange release, 6 February 2019, at 8:05 EET

  10. HKScan Group’s Financial Statements Release 1 January–31 December 2018: Fourth quarter result improved but still in loss – further corrective actions under way

    HKScan Corporation, Financial Statements Release, 6 February 2019, at 8:00 EET