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  1. HK Vihreät product line increases choice for everyday cooking

    A new line of plant-based protein products HKScan Corporation                           Press release 20 Aug 2020, at 10.00 Finnish time

  2. Invitation to webcast: HKScan publishes its January–June 2020 Half-Year Financial Report on 16 July 2020

    HKScan Corporation, press release 6 July 2020

  3. HKScan Denmark joins the Danish Alliance for Responsible Soy

    HKScan Denmark, press release 1 July 2020

  4. HKScan’s Finnish beef carbon footprint is 35 per cent lower than in Europe

    HKScan Corporation, Media release, 23 June 2020

  5. HKScan and Leivon Leipomo jointly promoting the development and growth of the Boltsi product family

    HKScan Corporation, Press Release, 20 May 2020

  6. Invitation to webcast: HKScan publishes its January–March 2020 interim report on 7 May 2020

    HKScan Corporation                  Media release 29 April 2020, 15.30 (EET)

  7. New logistics Centre to be built for HKScan Baltics near Tallinn

    HKScan Corporation                       Media release 20 Feb 2020, at 12:00 (EET)

  8. Invitation to the information meeting - HKScan publishes its financial statements 2019 bulletin on 6 February 2020

    HKScan Corporation                                   Media release 23 January 2020, 13:45 (EET)

  9. HKScan to invest in the growing poultry market - Capacity of the Rauma poultry unit will increase and productivity will improve

    HKScan Corporation, Media Release, 22 January 2020, 8:30 (EET)

  10. HKScan to introduce a new Group-wide operating model

    HKScan Corporation                  Press release 5 December 2019, at 10.00 (EET)