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  1. HKScan increased poultry production in Estonia

    The Estonian only domestic poultry producer HKScan Estonia reopened the production at Saha and Ülgas broiler farms, by increasing the annual volume of production marketed under Tallegg brand from more than 20 thousand tons per year by almost 10 percent to better meet the consumer demand. As a result of renovation the farms have received the fully automated feeding and air-conditioning systems that can be remotely monitored and controlled to ensure modern breeding and welfare conditions.

  2. Anne Mere: new logistics centre strengthens HKScan’s market position in the Baltic countries

    The cornerstone was today laid on HKScan’s Baltic logistics centre which will centrally serve the company’s customers in all three Baltic countries.

  3. Agrofood Ecosystem® challenge for Junction’s hackathon

    HKScan’s hackathon challenge aims to refine data of the meat production chain’s carbon and water footprint, as well as information on animal welfare.

  4. New minced meat packages with 71% less plastic

    New HK® minced meat packages available in shops in Finland. The bag packs contain 71 per cent less plastic than conventional box packages. These new packs allow us to reduce the amount of packaging plastic by almost the weight of 1,300 adults in a year.

  5. Rakvere meat factory is celebrating its 130th birthday

    Rakvere meat factory still holds this position of being the largest and most modern in the Baltics.

  6. Estonia's Best Meat Product 2020 is Tallegg’s Half chicken with herb butter in a baking bag

    In the Estonian Best Food competition organized by the Estonian Food Industry Association, Tallegg’s Half chicken with herb butter in a baking bag was chosen as the Best Meat Product in 2020 . The product received the right to bear the Estonian Best Meat Product 2020 silver mark on its packaging.

  7. Jussi Ollila has been appointed VP Corporate Responsibility at HKScan Group

    HKScan Corporation, release, 29.8.2019, 9.00

  8. The civil cases will be closed in Estonia

    HKScan Corporation                     Release 28 May 2019

  9. Jari Leija starts as EVP Market Area Finland 30 April 2019

    HKScan Corporation                       Release 30.4.2019

  10. HKScan has set new targets to fight climate change

    Being committed to the good standards of corporate responsibility, HKScan has sharpened its climate program. The company commits to cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 90% by 2030. In 2018 HKScan has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 48 % compared to 2014.