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  1. HKScan Corporation's directed share issue is oversubscribed and completed as planned

    HKScan Corporation                 Stock Exchange Release, 17 June 2019, 12:00 EEST

  2. HKScan commences a directed share issue and publishes a prospectus

    HKScan Corporation                Inside information 31 May 2019, 17:00 EEST

  3. Change in HKScan Corporation’s Group Management Team

    HKScan Corporation, Stock Exchange Release, 31 May 2019, 9:35 EEST 

  4. Resolutions passed by the Extraordinary General Meeting of HKScan Corporation

    HKScan Corporation                                   Stock Exchange release 29 May 2019, 14:15 EEST

  5. HKScan Group’s Interim Report 1 January–31 March 2019: The company's loss decreased clearly – balancing finances started

    HKScan Corporation             INTERIM REPORT               8 May 2019               at 8:15 EEST

  6. HKScan’s Board of Directors decided on new plan periods within the share-based long-term incentive scheme for key employees

    HKScan Corporation             Stock Exchange Release 8.5.2019, at 8.05 (EEST)

  7. Notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting

    HKScan Corporation            Stock exchange release 8 May 2019, 7:55 am (EEST)

  8. HKScan is planning a share issue to strengthen its financial position and capital structure

    HKScan Corporation  Inside information 8 May 2019 7:45 am EEST

  9. HKScan has completed statutory negotiations

    HKScan Corporation, Stock Exchange Release, 6 May 2019, 11:00 EEST

  10. Implementation of IFRS 16 Leases, HKScan Corporations’s restatement for 2018

    HKScan Corporation          Stock Exchange Release          3 May 2019               11:30 (EEST)