News 2019

  1. Jussi Ollila has been appointed VP Corporate Responsibility at HKScan Group

    HKScan Corporation, release, 29.8.2019, 9.00

  2. The civil cases will be closed in Estonia

    HKScan Corporation                     Release 28 May 2019

  3. Jari Leija starts as EVP Market Area Finland 30 April 2019

    HKScan Corporation                       Release 30.4.2019

  4. HKScan has set new targets to fight climate change

    Being committed to the good standards of corporate responsibility, HKScan has sharpened its climate program. The company commits to cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 90% by 2030. In 2018 HKScan has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 48 % compared to 2014.

  5. Appointments at HKScan

    HKScan strengthens its capabilities in the meat and food business.