Junction 2020 Connected is a weekend-long hackathon on November 6-8, where participants will develop new, innovative approaches and solutions to the data-driven challenges presented by companies.

“In the Agrofood Ecosystem® work, we have collected data adding transparency in the meat chain. With the new information, we develop our activities and set an example in corporate responsibility work”, emphasises Ulf Jahnsson, HKScan’s VP for Strategic development in primary production.

Jahnsson continues that HKScan’s hackathon challenge aims to refine data of the production chain’s carbon and water footprint, as well as information on animal welfare in a way that interests and engages the consumer and other stakeholders.

The application period for Junction 2020 Connected is now open.The hackathon gathers people all over the world to simultaneously hack in both physical locations and online, and 3000 to 4000 participants are expected to join the event.

Join the hackathon and get excited to work with data about more sustainable meat.


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