News 2021

  1. Svensk hage
    HKScan and Svenskt Sigill present a new method for measuring biodiversity on Swedish farms

    HKScan Sverige aims to increase by 5%* the area that its suppliers, Swedish farms, use to promote biodiversity by the year 2030. No standard has currently been established that enables the measurement and monitoring of biodiversity in the agricultural landscape. HKScan has now started to collaborate with Svenskt Sigill to measure and monitor biodiversity on these farms.

  2. Rakvere Kanahakklihaga kapsarullid juurviljapüreega 1
    Tastes like homemade. Or even better!

    It is known that the phrase "Made like at home" always means something simple, yet very tasty, familiar and nutritious. This is exactly Rakvere's totally new ready-to-eat food series Homemade Flavours is about in Estonia.

  3. boltsi chili tomaatti annoskuva rgb harmaa tausta v4

    HKScan will serve Anuga visitors with responsibly produced northern flavours. New products on display will be for example Boltsi Oat Balls and Kariniemen® Chicken Barbeque Sausages. The innovations are examples of our journey towards a versatile food company.

  4. 210831HKScan_biokaasurekka
    Biogas in Kariniemen® distribution transports speeding up HKScan’s journey towards a carbon-neutral food chain

    HKScan is determinedly looking for ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in different parts of the food chain. The biogas truck introduced in summer 2021 in Finland for distribution transport in the capital region is part of this aim and at the same time, an example of efficient use of biomaterials. The change in climate emissions from distribution transport is significant as a truck using biogas as fuel reduces CO\2e\ emissions by up to 90% compared to a conventional diesel vehicle.

  5. Logistics centre Baltics opening
    HKScan's new logistics centre in the Baltics brings more efficient customer deliveries and promotes responsibility

    HKScan's new logistics centre near Tallinn was opened on 25 August 2021. The modern centre will provide jobs for 105 people and serves HKScan's business throughout the Baltic region. The logistics centre reduces climate emissions from transport and uses solar energy.

  6. Korv&Bread Meal HKScan Sweden
    HKScan offers Korv & Bread to summer vacationers in Sweden

    HKScan adapts the winter success concept “Korv & Carve” and introduces it to some of Sweden’s favorite vacation locations.

  7. Road leading to farm

    HKScan in Sweden has recently implemented a new model for animal transports from the farms to the plants. The background is a need to streamline transport and working methods as well as the climate benefits that fewer transport kilometers brings. Every year, the animal transports drive around 6,8 million kilometers on Swedish roads, equivalent to 170 laps around the earth. 60% of that distance, the trucks run empty without cargo which clearly isn’t sustainable in the long run, neither financially nor environmentally.

  8. 20160705 farmer 0097 (1)
    HKScan joining the Call on Carbon climate initiative

    HKScan, together with dozens of Nordic companies, appeals to the world’s decision-makers to promote the pricing models of climate emissions. The Call on Carbon initiative aims to accelerate climate investments and the launch of effective carbon pricing.

  9. hkscan hetket brunssi 0189
    Financial Times listed Europe’s Climate Leaders

    Prestigious financial media Financial Times has listed 300 European companies that have reduced climate emissions most in relation to their net sales in 2014-2019. HKScan is the only food company on the list in the Baltic Sea region.

  10. Foodora HKScan

    Q-commerce company foodora and HKScan Sweden take the next step in their partnership and launches two new cook-it-yourself meal bags for home delivery. A Burger bag produced in cooperation between Scan and Jureskogs and a Meat bag in cooperation between Scan and AG Kötthandel. Top quality products from Swedish farms and cooking instructions from professional chefs, makes it possible for everyone to be a Master chef at home.

  11. kutteri
    Kariniemen chickens’ activity levels and opportunities to natural behaviour maintained throughout the rearing period

    The HKScan Agrofood Ecosystem® pilot uses artificial intelligence to monitor the behaviour of broiler chickens on Kariniemen Kotitila farm. According to the data of the two first flocks of birds, the activity level of broilers is maintained throughout the rearing period.

  12. HKScan nollatapaturmaa EN
    Safety First – Heading for the World’s Front

    Workplaces that have improved occupational safety were recognised when Zero Accidents Forum awarded its annual safety level classifications to its member workplaces in Finland. In April, this collaborative forum of 450 workplaces granted HKScan with its safety level classification III, which is a good start on our way to the top of the world in this regards as well. This time, 87 network members representing different industries received the safety level classification.

  13. Suontaka vasikka poikimiskarsina Ellen Rydbeck   HKScan
    Positive feedback from young farmers on Next Generation programme

    Our Next Generation training programme provides young farmers with a unique opportunity to learn from top experts in the field, be inspired at work and to network with colleagues. The first participants have received their final certificates of the programme in Finland. The training is ongoing in Sweden. In Finland, the next application round will start in the autumn.

  14. MäkitalonFarmi kanacaesar 1
    HKScan to sell and distribute Mäkitalon Farmi’s crunchy portion salads

    New sales and distribution partnership between HKScan and Mäkitalon Maistuvat in Finland will bring benefits for both parties. With the partnership, HKScan’s sales range will expand into a completely new product category, portion salads. The co-operation supports HKScan’s strategic target to grow into a versatile food company and for Mäkitalon Maistuvat, it provides a comprehensive commercial platform for fresh portion salads.

  15. Endorser Logo solid blue RGB 1500
    HKScan joined the UN Global Compact

    HKScan has joined the UN Global Compact initiative on corporate responsibility. Advanced responsibility work is an integral part of our strategy. For us, responsibility means genuine action throughout the food chain. We are on a journey towards carbon-neutral food production by the end of 2040.

  16. Tallegg kanafileerõngad isupilt 1
    Winners from Baltics

    In 2020 the Chicken Fillet Rings of Tallegg and Rigas Miesnieks, produced for Estonian and Latvian market by HKScan, were recognized as the best novelties in processed meat products’ category in Baltics. The global research company Nielsen recognizes every year the most successful novelties across the Baltics.

  17. ENG soy poultry2025 den Linked 1200x628 032021
    HKScan Denmark takes determined steps towards a more sustainable food chain

    Promoting ethical and environmental responsibility of the food chain requires clear target setting and concrete actions. Our Danish team and the ROSE® brand are now taking the next important and tangible step on our journey towards using 100% responsible soy.

  18. ilmastokoulutus kuva
    With climate training towards carbon neutrality

    Climate training for our contract farmers is part of HKScan’s Zero Carbon climate plan. We aim for carbon-neutral food production.

  19. Gasbil2
    New biogas truck

    We are on the journey towards carbon-neutral food chain by the end of 2040. The new biogas truck in Sweden has 90% smaller CO2e emissions.

  20. Falukorv
    70% lower climate impact with Scan’s Falukorv packaging

    A classic on Swedish dinner tables, the Falukorv 800g sausage is Scan’s best-selling product. The impact of its packaging on the climate has now been reduced by 70%, the equivalent of 207 tonnes CO2e per year. This improvement is therefore going to make a real difference. The new packaging comprises 100% renewable material and marks a step on HKScan’s journey toward its long-term climate target; achieve carbon neutrality throughout the farm-to-consumer value chain by the end of 2040 at the latest. The new packaging has been in store since the beginning of January.