We at HKScan want consumers to be able to enjoy responsibly produced poultry in good conscience as part of a varied diet. This lies also at the core of the ROSE brand identity. We are strongly committed to promoting responsibility in our supply chain. Last summer, we joined the Danish Alliance for Responsible Soy and later, we updated our roadmap to secure that all soy used in HKScan’s poultry feed in Denmark is responsible by 2025.

We will increase the share of responsible soy in line with the following schedule: in 2021, 30% of the soy used in our poultry feed will be responsible. The share will be 40% in 2022, 60% in 2023, 80% in 2024 and in 2025, all soy used will be responsible.

“We define responsible soy as soy from programmes and schemes that are positively benchmarked against the strict The European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation’s (FEFAC) Soy Sourcing Guidelines,” says Brian Møller Lauridsen, Animal Sourcing Director of HKScan Denmark. “All soy used in our chain in 2025 will be physically traceable, fulfilling these stringent criteria,” he adds.

As the next concrete step, our Danish team has now signed an agreement with DAKOFO, which is an industry association for the grain and feed trade in Denmark and a member of FEFAC. All relevant feed suppliers in Denmark have decided to join this agreement.

“According to the agreement, DAKOFO will ensure that the mass balance for the content of responsible soy used by HKScan’s contract farmers follows our schedule of transferring to 100% responsible soy by 2025,” Brian explains. “Our farmers can safely continue buying feed from their preferred suppliers, who comply with the agreement,” he adds. The purchase of sufficient quantities of physical responsible soy is controlled by the feed companies, who will submit an annual auditor's statement concerning the purchased physical soy.

“It’s important for us to create permanent, more sustainable operating models. With responsibly produced soy, we participate in mitigating deforestation and forest degradation in vulnerable areas,” Brian concludes. HKScan Group is committed to using responsible soy in all its home markets by 2025. In Sweden and Finland, we have already fulfilled the commitment.

For further information:
Brian Møller Lauridsen Director, Animal Sourcing
Phone: +45 40 90 59 00, E-mail: brian.lauridsen@hkscan.com