Next Generation programme for young farmers is part of our responsibility work where together with our farmers, we aim to develop responsibility of food production and to secure local food production and its competitiveness. The Next Generation programme started three years ago in Finland, and now the first young farmers have received their final certificates.

“In the HKScan’s Next Generation training for young farmers, I learnt a lot and got to know other agricultural entrepreneurs, they have been a great help! It’s instructive to see how people from different regions and from different production sectors see things. Responsibility issues, such as climate themes, were also well presented. As a producer, environmental matters are close to my heart,” emphasises Ellen Rydbeck who recently started her farm business at Suontaa Kartano.

Generation training programme continuing in Sweden and Finland

The new Next Generation training programme will be launched in Finland next year. The application will open in the autumn 2021.

“Feedback from young farmers on the Next Generation training programme was almost exclusively positive. They especially appreciated the opportunity to network. Young contract farmers hoped to hear more about practical examples of experienced entrepreneurs, which we will take into account in future trainings. The programme was also launched in Sweden and Next Generation 2 will begin in Finland in January 2022,” says Tony Erlands, HKScan’s primary production specialist.

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