There are several business communities behind the Call on Carbon initiative, such as the Finnish Climate Leadership Coalition, Swedish Haga Initiative and Norwegian Skift Business Climate Leaders.

Today, only a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions are covered by carbon pricing programmes, and only a fraction of them are within the recommended range of the Paris Agreement. Achieving emission reductions under the Paris Climate Agreement requires efficient emission pricing.

The target of HKScan’s climate work is a carbon-neutral food chain by the end of 2040 and carbon neutrality of the company’s own production by the end of 2025. By promoting responsible, local food production, the company bears its responsibility to achieve the important climate goals of societies.

The Call on Carbon signatories call for countries to:

  1. back their net zero targets with Paris Agreement consistent effective, robust, reliable and fit-for-purpose carbon pricing instruments which will facilitate a cost-efficient investment path to reach net zero,
  2. align their carbon pricing instruments where appropriate between countries to create a stable and predictable investment environment and
  3. finalize the rules for the international market mechanism under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement to support cost-effective mitigation efforts, create a level playing field and minimize carbon leakage, while enabling greater ambition.

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