HKScan’s goal is a carbon-neutral food chain by the end of 2040. This is targeted and the work is led through the company’s Zero Carbon climate plan that addresses all aspects of the food chain to reduce carbon dioxide emissions - including transport. Thanks to the long-term climate work in HKScan’s Business Unit Finland, we believe we will reach our goal in Finland earlier – by the end of 2035.

“A recent example of reducing emissions is Kuljetusliike Y. Auramaa Oy’s low-emission biogas truck that carries out HKScan’s product transports from Vantaa logistics centre to the customer terminals in the capital region,” says Jari Leija, HKScan’s EVP Business Unit Finland. 
The semitrailer combination truck introduced in the summer 2021 has a maximum length of 22.5 metres, which also increases environmental efficiency. More goods can be loaded on board at a time, allowing more efficient transport optimisation and reducing the need to drive back and forth. 

Emissions from distribution transports minimised with biogas

“It’s great to be able to help our major customer towards its goal of a carbon-neutral food chain. Biogas is a low-emission fuel option for heavy vehicle traffic. CO2e emissions from a truck using biogas as fuel are up to 90% lower than from a conventional diesel vehicle,” says Pekka Auramaa, Chairman of the Board at Kuljetusliike Y. Auramaa Oy. 

HKScan has also introduced biogas trucks in Latvia as well as in Sweden where the company transports its products between Kristianstad and Halmstad. 

Biowaste recovered in biofuel production

Material efficiency is important. For HKScan, it means, for example, reducing production losses and food waste, utilising by-product material flows and promoting the recyclability of packaging. By efficiently utilising materials, the company can significantly reduce its environmental impact. For this reason, HKScan has already for several years recycled materials of animal origin that cannot be used in food production to biofuel production. 

“We utilise our raw materials carefully and direct production by-products as efficiently as possible to other industries, such as the leather, feed or pet food industries, and animal materials not suitable for foods to biofuel production,” Leija continues. 



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