News 2023

  1. HKSCAN-food-moments-8
    Great progress for Scan in the Sustainable Brand Index for 2023

    We are happy and proud of the fact that Scan advances with 105 positions in this year’s edition of the Sustainable Brand Index – to position 80 of a total of 418 brands in 36 different businesses.

  2. KUVA Metavurstit HK

    The food brand HK® connects mettwurst lovers with virtual reality by launching a digital mettwurst. The brand will create five NFTs, called the Metavurstis, and auction them on the OpenSea marketplace starting March 1.

  3. HKScan 110 eng
    HKScan 110 years on 11 January 2023

    On 11 January 2023, 110 years will have passed since twenty meat producers from south-west Finland founded Lounais-Suomen Osuusteurastamo (LSO). The same year, 1913, is also the year HKScan was founded.