Scan AB, the company responsible for the HKScan Group’s Swedish operations, has acquired a 15-percent minority holding in convenience food producer Matfabriken i Skandinavien AB. Based in central Sweden, Matfabriken employs around 100 persons and its net sales in 2008 are projected at EUR 10 million. Its main products include ready-to-eat sandwiches and pasta salads. The company uses its own refrigerated fleet to distribute its products directly to customers, the biggest of which are central organisation ICA, Statoil and SAS.

Matfabriken’s operative management will retain their positions also after the share acquisition. The transaction includes an option for Scan to acquire the remaining shares in Matfabriken at a later date.


HKScan Corporation


Kai Seikku


Further information is available from managing director Magnus Lagergren, Scan AB, on +46 70 255 5235


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