Press Releases 2018

  1. Invitation - HKScan publishes its January–September 2018 interim report on 7 November 2018

    HKScan Corporation     Press release               24 October 2018           at 13:30 (EET)

  2. Karinas logo SWE CMYK
    HKScan launches exports of Kariniemen® products to Sweden

    HKScan Corporation, Press release, 11 October 2018, 10.30 (EET)  HKScan has begun exporting Finnish poultry products to Sweden. They will initially be sold through the largest retailer ICA’s outlets under the Karinäs® (Kariniemen®) brand.

  3. Tenderloin png
    The northern lights, beloved by the Chinese, will add momentum to sales of highly valued Finnish pork meat at supermarkets in Shanghai

    HKScan Corporation, Press release, 8 October 2018, 10.30 (EET) Omega-3 Pork® from Finnish family-owned farms will soon be sold to highly demanding Chinese consumers in packages portraying the Nordic Arctic and the magical northern lights. The new premium packages continue to build Finland’s rising image in Chinese markets.

  4. Rakvere investment Image 181004
    HKScan seeks strong international footprint in meals product category – Expansion of Rakvere plant in Estonia under way

    HKScan Corporation             Press release, 4 October 2018, 13.00 (EET)