Press Releases 2019

  1. Invitation - HKScan publishes its January–June 2019 Half year Financial Report on 18 July 2019

    HKScan Corporation, Press release, 3 July 2019, 16:00 (EEST)

  2. Appointment in HKScan Corporation’s communications

    HKScan Corporation, Press release, 18.6.2019, 12:00

  3. Invitation - HKScan publishes its January–March 2019 interim report on 8 May 2019

    HKScan Corporation     Press release               24 April 2019           at 15.00 (EEST)

  4. HKScan opens its modernised Kristianstad plant in Sweden

    On Tuesday, 5th of March HKScan held an opening ceremony for the company’s modernised plant at Kristianstad. An investment of almost seven million euros has enabled an upgrading of the site, but also important energy savings, enhanced food safety and an increased production efficiency.

  5. HKScan will replace all black plastic packaging by the end of 2019 in Sweden and in Finland

    HKScan wants to help consumers to live tastier, but also more sustainable lives. Material efficiency and recycling are essential parts of HKScan’s environmental responsibility. As the next important milestone in the packaging roadmap HKScan will replace all non-recyclable black plastic packaging with other colours and possibly also with other materials by the end of 2019 in Sweden and in Finland.

  6. HKScan takes on new territory in the demanding Chinese market: Omega-3 Pork® to Alibaba’s state-of the art Hema chain

    HKScan has landed an important contract with the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. With its Omega-3 Pork® quality products HKScan is the first company in the Finnish meat industry to get products to Alibaba’s grocery retail reinventing Hema supermarkets and online store.  

  7. Invitation - HKScan publishes its financial statements 2018 bulletin on 6 February 2019

    HKScan Corporation     Press release               24 January 2019           at 15.00 (EET)