Press Releases 2021

  1. Gårdsfisk
    HKScan to cooperate with Gårdsfisk in Sweden, expanding product portfolio into fish products

    HKScan Corporation, Media Release, 22 November 2021 at 8.00 Finnish time 

  2. HKScan publishes its January-September Interim Report on 4 November 2021

    HKScan Corporation publishes its January-September Interim Report on 4 November 2021 at about 8.30 a.m. EET.

  3. hiilivuomittauslaite - carbon flux measurement
    Towards HKScan’s Zero Carbon target by boosting carbon sequestration in fields

    HKScan’s goal is a carbon-neutral food chain by the end of 2040. The company’s Zero Carbon target requires the promotion of local carbon sequestration together with our contract farmers. The carbon flux measurements carried out over the last two growing seasons are a concrete example of our work to increase understanding of the impact of farming techniques and growing season on local carbon sequestration. Based on the data obtained from carbon flux measurements, we will direct our efforts to the solutions chosen.  

  4. HKScan_HKMaakarit_Kariniemen kooste2
    HK® Maakarit and Kariniemen® BBQ sausage packaging with Woodly’s wood-based plastic

    Less fossil raw materials and towards carbon neutrality 

  5. HKScan Latvia natural gas truck for delivering products
    In Latvia HKScan will use natural gas trucks to deliver its products

    In Latvia HKScan has become the first food industry company to deliver products with more environmentally friendly trucks, which as the fuel use compressed natural gas (CNG). HKScan’s well know brands in the Baltics are Rīgas miesnieks, Jelgava, Tallegg and Rakvere.

  6. HKScan to strengthen its position in snacks and meals

    HKScan continues its strategy-based growth into a versatile food company by investing in the manufacturing of snacks and meals in Finland. The investments of some EUR 5.4 million will be made in HKScan’s Vantaa and Eura units. With the investments, HKScan is responding to the continued strong growth in demand for snack products and fresh meals with a more diverse product range.

  7. HKScan publishes its Half Year Financial Report on 16 July 2021

    HKScan Corporation, media release 7 July 2021

  8. HKScan_Agrofood_Ecosystem
    HKScan and contract farmers harnessing forests for climate action

    Together with its contract farmers, HKScan promotes local carbon sequestration in its food chain.  The new pilot project will fertilise 500 hectares of forest. The pilot aims to bind 5 million kilos of carbon (CO2) in 8 years.

  9. Vaccination in Rakvere meat production
    More than half of the employees in Rakvere meat production unit have been vaccinated by today

    Today, on 9[th] of June, the re-vaccination of the employees against COVID-19 virus is taking place in the vaccination centre set up on the territory of Rakvere meat production unit and in addition the new persons added within a month will receive the first dose of vaccine - the number of people requiring coronavirus vaccine increased by 25% within a month. As of today, more than half of the company's employees are known to have been vaccinated.

  10. Dim Sum HKScan
    Export success story: HKScan Latvia conquers the Central European vegan market

    Continuing to develop and promote new products in foreign markets, the food company HKScan Latvia is strengthening its position in Central Europe – a vegan novelty, Dim Sum, made according to the traditions of Asian cuisine, has quickly become an export success story. The launch of new products into a major export market of Central Europe supports HKScan's goal to increase the export of value-added products.

  11. hkscan hetket bbq 0300
    HKScan is expanding with partnerships in growing product categories

    HKScan will expand its operations in Finland within growing product categories as a result of initiating co-operation with the Turku-based Bakery Rosten and purchasing the business and brand of Jokisen Eväät Ltd. These will contribute HKScan’s growth into a versatile food company. HKScan and the Turku-based Bakery Rosten will begin commercial co-operation in snack products. Furthermore, HKScan has purchased the fish-related business and brand of Jokisen Eväät Ltd.  

  12. Kariniemen MikkoKiiski-3
    HKScan the first in the world to calculate a broiler’s environmental footprint

    HKScan is the first to calculate the environmental footprint of the HKScan AgroFood Ecosystem[®] pilot farm. The calculation included the carbon and water footprints of primary production of Kariniemen[®] chicken and the impact of production on eutrophication and biodiversity. The results show that a large part of environmental impact comes from feed.

  13. MarekMetslaid
    370 kg of meat travels to the Arctic expedition

    Tomorrow, on 25 May, Admiral Bellingshausen will start a new expedition leaded by Tiit Pruuli. The aim of the expedition is to draw attention to the climate problems caused by global warming in the Arctic. For a future common goal, HKScan Estonia, Estonia's largest food company producing Rakvere and Tallegg products, have given 370 kg of domestic pork, chicken and beef to the sailors to be taken along to the trip.

  14. Vaktsineerimine Rakvere lihatööstuses
    Almost 400 employees were vaccinated in Rakvere meat production unit

    Today, on 12[th] of May, more than 400 employees were vaccinated against COVID-19 virus in a vaccination centre set up on the territory of Rakvere meat production unit. As of today, 40% of the company's staff have been vaccinated.

  15. HKScan to set Science Based Targets
    HKScan promoting the future of responsible food production with the Science Based Targets initiative

    HKScan continues its ambitious climate work and is committed to the international Science Based Targets initiative (SBT). Setting science-based climate targets contributes to HKScan’s Zero Carbon climate plan and supports the company’s journey towards carbon-neutral food production.

  16. HKScan publishes its January-March 2021 Interim Report on 6 May 2021

    HKScan Corporation, press release 26 April 2021

  17. HKScan Latvia has switched to renewable electricity

    HKScan Latvia, one of the largest food companies in Latvia, last year used only renewable electricity, thereby reducing carbon emissions by almost 2,000 tons. The full transition to renewable electricity is part of HKScan’s goal of reducing emissions and thus mitigating climate change.

  18. HKScan_Kariniemen gourmet_sydänpaisti
    HKScan’s Rauma poultry unit preparing for strong growth in demand – the investment enabling productivity improvement implemented

    HKScan’s investment of some six million euros in the new slaughter process of Rauma’s poultry unit has been successfully implemented and put into operation. The investment enables the unit to significantly improve its raw material yield, productivity and operational reliability. With the investment, the company responds to the strong growth in demand for responsibly produced Kariniemen[®] poultry products.

  19. HKScan Corporation issues a EUR 90 million bond

    HKScan Corporation, Press Release, 18 March 2021, 9.30 a.m. Finnish time

  20. Tuorejuusto-kanakeitto
    HKScan the first in the world to calculate the water footprint of broiler production using the AWARE method

    The Baltic Sea region with abundant water resources has good conditions for sustainable meat production. AWARE is a new method to calculate the water footprint that takes into account the impact of a product on regional water scarcity. According to the new calculation method, the water footprint calculated on Kariniemen's pilot farm was 0.58 m3AWARE/ carcass weight kg.