Press Releases April 2022

  1. HKScan publishes its January-March Interim Report on 10 May 2022

    HKScan Corporation, media release 28 April 2022

  2. Timo Hansio
    Timo Hansio appointed Managing Director of Kasviskonttori Oy, the joint venture of HKScan and Vihannes-Laitila

    HKScan Corporation, Media Release, 12 April 2022 at 1 p.m. EET

  3. HKScan & Vihannes-Laitila
    HKScan expanding into the growing market of value-added vegetable products together with Vihannes-Laitila

    HKScan Corporation, Press Release, 7 April 2022, at 2 pm EET