According to preliminary data, HKScan Corporation's sound commercial
performance during Q4/2009 and the Christmas season in particular has resulted
in higher-than-anticipated EBIT before non-recurring items. 

HKScan has earlier estimated that EBIT for 2009 clearly surpasses that for
2008. Preliminary figures now reveal that the HKScan Group's reported EBIT for
2009 will be around EUR 55 million (EUR 38.1 mill. 2008) and EBIT before
non-recurring items around EUR 67 million (EUR 38.1 mill.). 

The Swedish restructuring programme has progressed in line with plans, and more
specific data has been obtained regarding the measures underway. According to
current estimates, the non-recurring charges caused by the measures amount to
approximately EUR 8.6 million instead of the around EUR 5 million announced
earlier. The amount of non-recurring charges arising from the Swedish
restructuring booked in Q3/2009 was EUR 2.8 million, with EUR 5.8 million
recognised in Q4/2009. 

These preliminary figures are unaudited and not based on financial statements
approved by the Board of Directors. HKScan Corporation will release its
financial statement bulletin for 2009 around 8am on Friday 19 February 2010. 

HKScan Corporation

Matti Perkonoja 

Further information:
CEO Matti Perkonoja. Please leave any messages for him to call with Marjukka
Hujanen on +358 (0)10 570 6218. 

HKScan is one of the leading food companies in northern Europe with home
markets in Finland, Sweden, the Baltics and Poland. HKScan manufactures, sells
and markets pork and beef, poultry products, processed meats and convenience
foods under several well-known local brand names. Its customers are retail, the
HoReCa sector, industry and export customers. HKScan is active in nine
countries and has some 10,000 employees. 

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