Under Chapter 2, Section 9 of the Finnish Securities Markets Act, we hereby
announce that HKScan Corporation has received the following disclosure about
change in ownership. 

On 8 December 2010, Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company notified that as a
result of a share transaction concluded 7 December 2010 its holding in HKScan
had risen over 1/20 of the share capital. 

1. Name of the target company: HKScan Corporation, Business Identity Code

2. Date of change in holdings: 7 December 2010

3. Exact proportion of voting rights and share capital in HKScan Corporation:

- number of A Shares: 3 102 994
- ownership: 5.74 % of share capital and 1.98% of voting rights

The registered share capital of HKScan Corporation comprises a total of 54 026
522 shares (48 626 522 A Shares and 5 400 000 K Shares), said shares entitling
to a total of 156 626 522 votes (A Shares each convey one vote, K Shares each
convey 20 votes). 

4. Shareholder's name and Business Identity Code:
Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company, Helsinki, Business Identity Code

HKScan Corporation

Matti Perkonoja

HKScan is one of the leading food companies in northern Europe with home
markets in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, the Baltics and Poland. HKScan
manufactures, sells and markets pork and beef, poultry products, processed
meats and convenience foods under several well-known local brand names. Its
customers are retail, the HoReCa sector, industry and export customers. HKScan
is active in nine countries and has some 11,000 employees. It had net sales of
2.1 billion euro in 2009. 

Nasdaq OMX, Helsinki
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