HKScan Corporation                   Stock exchange release                12 February 2014             at 8:05 a.m.


HKScan to renew its Group identity


HKScan Group is renewing its Group identity. The change relates to a major strategic transition which has been going on since 2012. As a result, the Group’s visual identity has been updated and all legal entity names on HKScan’s home markets are being harmonised, as announced on 2 July 2013. The Group’s new visual identity, including the logo, will be adopted on all home markets in company-level communications. The change will not influence product brand identities, product-related marketing communications, Group structure or the status of legal entities.

HKScan has been rolling out a new strategy and operating model to improve its performance and profitability and to build a strong, sustainable foundation for the future. HKScan’s mission, values and brand promise have been revisited to pave the way for future brand development.

“For historical reasons, HKScan is the sum of many local brands, companies, cultures and identities. This is a source of richness, but also of fragmentation in our Group structure and identity. We are now building a unified HKScan Group to gain synergies from working more closely together,” says Hannu Kottonen, President and CEO, HKScan Group. “An internationally coherent Group identity will increase our awareness and differentiation, and also bring efficiency and savings.”

The new logo was inspired by the artisan-like skills of HKScan’s meat-cutting experts. The design work started on a chopping board. The logo illustrates one of the HKScan’s core strengths: a solid legacy of meat expertise. It also reflects HKScan’s identity as a strong and innovative Nordic house of brands.

“Being a house of brands operating in several countries, HKScan needs a solid Group brand to jointly represent the great assets we have: our product brands. The HKScan brand reflects the Group’s responsible way of working, the expertise of our employees, and our pride in our Nordic roots. The HKScan offering comes with a promise of delicious food, purity, quality and traceability,” says Marja-Leena Dahlskog, SVP, Communications.

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For further information, please contact:

Hannu Kottonen, President and CEO, HKScan Corporation
Marja-Leena Dahlskog, SVP Communications, HKScan Corporation.

Kindly submit a call-back request to Marjukka Hujanen, tel. +358 10 570 6218.


HKScan is the leading Nordic meat expert. We produce, market and sell high-quality, responsibly-produced pork, beef, poultry and lamb products, processed meats and convenience foods under strong brand names. Our customers are the retail, food service, industrial and export sectors, and our home markets comprise Finland, Sweden, Denmark, the Baltics and Poland. We export to over 50 countries. In 2013, HKScan had net sales of EUR 2.5 billion and some 11 000 employees, making us one of the Europe’s leading meat companies.