HKScan Corporation’s Board of Directors has elected Reijo Kiskola as its new Chairman in its meeting on 27 November 2018. Reijo Kiskola has served in the company’s Board of Directors from 12 April 2018. Kiskola has solid experience in international leadership duties in the food industry, and he is independent of the company and of its significant shareholders.

Mikko Nikula leaves his position as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and as Board member as of today. Mikko Nikula has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors from 2015. Jari Mäkilä, who has served as a deputy member of the Board, has been appointed as a regular member.

In connection with the change, President and CEO Jari Latvanen and HKScan Corporation’s Board of Directors have come to an agreement that Jari Latvanen will leave his position in HKScan as of today. Latvanen has served as the Group’s President and CEO from 31 October 2016. The search process for selecting a new President and CEO has been started. For the time being, the duties of the President and CEO will be carried out by the Chairman of the Board Reijo Kiskola.

“The company has a strong From Farm to Fork strategy, and its basic direction is the right one. However, the strategy implementation has not improved the company’s profitability in the way we have anticipated. We will now, together with HKScan’s skilled and committed personnel, focus even more strongly on actions that strengthen the company’s competitiveness and profitability,” says Reijo Kiskola, Chairman of HKScan Corporation’s Board of Directors.

“I and the Board of Directors want to thank Mikko Nikula and Jari Latvanen for the work they have done for the company and wish them success in future endeavours,” Reijo Kiskola says.

HKScan Corporation
Reijo Kiskola, Chairman of the Board of Directors 

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