1. Chicken is an excellent source of protein

Proteins are among the most important building blocks in our bodies. They help us grow, including our muscles and bones, and contribute to the effective functioning of our metabolism. When cooking chicken, the proportion of protein actually increases, because the amount of water in the meat is reduced.  

2. Chicken is a stress-free food

The protein in chicken contains amino acids in amounts and ratios perfectly aligned with the needs of the human body. This includes the irreplaceable amino acid tryptophan, which some claim, enhances mood, reduces stress and helps you relax. Whether it is so or not, one thing is for sure: meals with chicken are good for you!

3. Chicken supports your immune system

Chicken is a source of selenium, which is an important antioxidant, and needed for the normal cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels) functioning. It also contributes the normal function of the immune system and thyroid and is needed for the maintenance of healthy hair and nails. Selenium is particularly useful at this time of year because a sufficient amount will help your immune system, so common cold, be aware! No wonder chicken soup is a well-known comfort food all around the world.

4. Chicken helps you maintain a healthy weight

Chicken is low in fat, thanks to which it can help you control your daily intake of calories and lose or maintain your weight. Protein is said to be the nutrient that gives you the best satiety, and we all know that when you feel full for longer you probably eat less. So weight maintenance happens almost itself!  

Source: Personal Trainer Rauno Rikberg