In the beginning of the year gyms are packed with motivated people and during the summer we are happy to be active outdoors. But when we get to this time of the year the days get shorter, darker and rainier -  now it requires extra motivation to get yourself up from the cosy sofa. We gathered a few tips to help you get going again.

1. Don't be too ambitious - start with small steps

People often tend to think that if they miss a couple of exercises it is not worth getting back to business. We set too ambitious goals and when the first setback hits us we are ready to throw in the towel. Setbacks happen to all of us in our busy everyday lives. Don't be afraid of starting again after a break. It is important to proceed with small steps, setting targets too high will easily kill your motivation.

2. Create a clear action plan

Make a clear action plan for the coming months. Fill in what you want to achieve and the means how to do it. When you are determined and move towards your goals one day at a time, it is easier to stay motivated.

3. Visualise your targets

Visualising your targets helps as well. There are different mobile applications available for this, or a traditional set of pen and paper does the trick just as well. You can make a visual calendar and tick a box when you have had a successful workout.

4. Make small changes to your diet

When we find ourselves slipping from healthy eating habits in these dark autumn months it is easy to go for a new diet, that is supposed to do wonders in days. Forget these miracle diets and start with small changes to your eating habits.

Monitor what you are currently eating and make corrective actions. Make sure your diet is versatile and contains proteins, carbs and good fats. You can start by replacing your usual choices with little bit healthier options.

5. Adjust your routines

Little adjustments to routines can make a big difference and support your goals. If the routines you decided to follow after the New Year are not working anymore, think if you could change them? If you want to lose some weight, do not store unhealthy calorie bombs to your cabinets. If you have been training in the evenings and that did not work for you, try to change your training time to morning. To make things easier, pack your gear already in the evening and put your training back ready by the door.

It is good to remember that changes do not happen overnight. Try new little things actively. If you start changing small things today, you will see some results already by the end of the year.