The Awards were given in three categories – all very important to our daily work: Work safety, Profitability improvement and Advanced CR.

"We wanted to make our teams’ valuable work visible to the whole company. We were truly impressed of the work done in all fronts. We received very good entries from all market areas, 49 in total. Huge thanks to all teams and congratulations of a job well done”, HKScan CEO Tero Hemmilä says.

And the Award goes to…

HKScan Group Executive Team chose the following winners:

Work Safety category: Building the Safety Culture, Vinderup, Denmark

"They have built a unique method of safety campaigning consisting of hard, systematic efforts and commitment at all organisational levels without forgetting team spirit and humour. This method has dramatically reduced accidents.”

Congratulations: Søren Bai, Klaus Pedersen, Tommy Nielsen, Karsten Vahr, Tina Petersen, Troels Kristensen, Susan Nielsen, Michael Lyst, Claus Foldger, Steen Jørgensen, Susan Nielsen, Thatsanee Andreasen, Anna Madsen, Henrik Klausen, Juliane Jensen, Jytte Klit, Inga Sommer, Claus Bengtsson.


Tina Petersen & Søren Bai

Profitability improvement: Improvement of raw material yield in Rauma, Finland

"The improved raw material yield resulted in a positive EBIT impact. The filet yield increase is a great achievement. Valuable fillets are now extracted more efficiently than before."

Congratulations: Sami Karilainen, Jussi Raivio, Mervi Kärki, Jukka Söderman, Katja Raunio-Pärri, Pekka Niemi, Mari Hakala


Pekka Niemi & Mari Hakala

Advanced Corporate Responsibility:

The win was shared between two teams:

The sustainable pig, Sweden

“This pioneering project will take pork products to the next Corporate Responsibility dimension, in terms of the environment and animal welfare. The new premium pork assortment, with a lower carbon footprint will be launched in spring 2020.”

Congratulations: Per Dalborg, Vera Söderberg, Göran Niléhn, Carina Jirwe, Anders Törnqvist, Mattias Romfelt, Mathias Emilsson, Robert Lundgren, Cecilia Ibson


Per Dalborg & Vera Söderberg

Decreased use of antibiotics in broiler production, Estonia

“The use of antibiotics in production has decreased significantly over the last three years by investing in transparency, co-operation and increasing veterinary standards and research.”

Congratulations: Eve Samuli, Julia Knut, Priit Dreimann, Triin Lõoke


Kaupo Ojavee, Eve Samuli, Julia Knut, Triin Lõoke, Anne Mere, Priit Dreimann