Economic responsibility

Economic responsibility

At HKScan, economic responsibility means safeguarding profitability and competitiveness of our business. A sound economic foundation also forms the basis for our other areas of responsibility.

While with a sustainable economic foundation we can put effort to social and environmental responsibility and animal health and well-being, it also allows us to invest in developing the value chain. Through our operations, we also create financial value widely directly and indirectly to various different stakeholder groups.

HKScan follows EU and national legislation in its business and operations. The Group’s economic responsibility is led by the following internal Group policies: Treasure policy, Governance policy, Finance policy and Risk policy. The Group President and CEO and the Board of Directors share the responsibilities as legally stipulated. The Group Leadership Team is responsible for the financial result and the work contributing to it.

Financial value created

As one of the largest food companies in Northern Europe, our operations have big financial impact on many stakeholders. For example, we pay wages to personnel, dividends to shareholders, and taxes to the Governments of our operating countries. Our business and operations have also an important impact on our contract producers, sub-contractors and suppliers of raw materials, products and services.

We employ directly over 7,000 people. We buy animals from close to 10,000 local producers in our home markets and thus enable business for local primary production. HKScan is also an important buyer of services such as cleaning, maintenance, logistics, facility management, health care and catering. Therefore, our indirect impact on employment is important especially in the regions, where our production units are located.

Read more about our other economic responsibilities, such as taxes, investments and exports in our Annual Report