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Animal welfare is an important part of our Agrofood Ecosystem® work

At HKScan, we develop animal health and welfare in line with the principles of Welfare Quality.

We have done long-term work at HKScan to advance animal health and welfare. We work in accordance with the Welfare Quality principles. The latest consumer studies have shown that awareness of farm animal welfare is one of the most important factors influencing the buying decisions of consumers. For us at HKScan, it is important to do our work so well that consumers can continue to eat meat produced by our contract farmers in good conscience.

New digital technology

Animal welfare is one of the cornerstones of our Agrofood Ecosystem® work. We are exploring opportunities to provide our contract farmers with digital technology supporting and advancing animal welfare and its measurement. Human-animal interaction is always of primary importance but new technology enables so much more. We collaborate with various partners to find new opportunities for this.

Piloting a digital solution

On behalf of HKScan, the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) investigated digital solutions for measuring the welfare of broilers in the spring 2020. Monitoring the welfare of animals always requires the human eye. However, at best, new technologies can provide new perspectives.

In our Agrofood Ecosystem work, we will continue to further develop the welfare of broiler chickens. Next, we will build an application using artificial intelligence for one of the Kariniemen Kotitila farms. The aim of the new technology is to monitor the natural behaviour of the birds and to provide information to support future measures.