Water use

Water use and wastewater

HKScan measures and optimises the consumption of water used at production plants, without compromising food safety.

Water plays an essential role in cleaning facilities and equipment in food production plants, and in maintaining production hygiene. Only a small fraction of the total water consumption is used in manufacturing the products. We measure the water consumption and optimise it to still retain food safety.

Wastewater from manufacturing processes in the food industry includes organic substances and detergent residues. Wastewater treatment is carried out by a municipal wastewater treatment plant, the company’s own wastewater treatment plant, or through cooperation between the municipality and the company.

Environmental permits that are granted to each specific production facility set the limit values for emissions, with the aim of minimising the environmental impact of the business operations. HKScan’s goal is to ensure that wastewater treatment levels meet, or even fall below, the limit values required by the environmental permits.

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