Climate change mitigation

Food production contributes to climate change, and not just food production but everything we do. Work is ongoing to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions both at HKScan and in our value chain.

HKScan wants to contribute to the mitigation of climate change, therefore we have set a target to reduce GHG emissions from its own operations by 90 % to 2030.

HKScan is also working to reduce climate impact in its value chain and is currently developing targets and strategy to work on the topic even more ambitiously.

Our actions so far

- Greenhouse gas emissions in HKScan’s operations has declined by 48 % since 2014.

- HKScan uses 49 % renewable energy for heating, for example biogas, wood pellets and district heating from renewable sources.

- 71 % of the electricity comes from renewable sources, such as water, wind and bioenergy.

- HKScan reduces the amount of plastics in packaging materials. For example Estonian Tallegg and Rakvere products in easy-to-carry bags have reduced the use of plastic by approximately 70 percent.

- Soy in animal feed has been replaced with local protein sources in Rypsiporsas. In Sweden and Finland all soy in in the animal feed is responsibly produced, meaning for example that natural forests and other high conservative value areas are protected and no conversion of natural land for other purposes is allowed.



- HKScan’s target to reduce GHG emissions 90 per cent by 2030 requires further energy efficiency improvements, increased use of renewable energy for heating and new investments.

Examples for 2019:

- We are installing a new smoke gas purification plant to our Halmstad Unit. The gas purification is likely to reduce CO2 emissions by 75–80 per cent at this unit producing cold smoked products in Sweden. 

- A heat pump to be installed in the Vinderup unit in Denmark will reduce the use of natural gas substantially.

- Black plastic packagings, which are not suitable in the recycling system, will be removed from the Finnish and Swedish market during 2019.

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