Responsible employer


The Group's values guide our day-to-day work and team operations. HKScan's diverse workplace communities adhere to the equality principles and the Group's common values.

Employee health and well-being is our top priority. Our goal is to create a workplace where all operations are based on trust, respect and encouragement. Through the development of leadership skills and personnel competencies, HKScan creates favourable conditions for high-quality operations and the achievement of personal goals. 

Health and safety management at HKScan is based on Group-wide standards. These standards determine practices for key areas of safety, such as the reporting and investigation of accidents and near misses, as well as safety observations and compliance with general standards and practices concerning particularly dangerous work.

HKScan is a significant employer in all the operation countries. In 2018, the company had close to 7 200 employees, of whom 86 per cent were permanent. In addition, the company has production operations in Poland. HKScan additionally offers a significant number of seasonal job opportunities. In 2018, HKScan hired over 1 200 summer employees, 640 in Finland and 600 in Sweden. 

Read more about our responsibility as an employer in our annual report. 


Employees in Finland


Employees in Sweden 


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