Farming Community

Producers and HKScan collaborate to boost local living and wellbeing in countryside.

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Animal sourcing at HKScan is based on contract production based on long-term partnerships and close cooperation with producers. In addition, HKScan has farms in Estonia. The development of farming communities is part of HKScan’s 'From farm to fork' strategy. Through its operations, HKScan works to ensure the continuity of food production in its home markets, maintain rural vitality and contribute to the national security of supply.

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Collaboration is conducted on many levels: our regional animal sourcing teams and producer service specialists work directly with the farms in operative matters while we also have special strategic cooperation groups working on issues common to HKScan and our farmers.


HKScan provides its contract producers with training and advisory services related to the rearing of animals, the planning of feeding, animal healthcare and the design of new production facilities, among other aspects. Through its producer services, HKScan uses its expertise to support investment projects on farms, for example, in addition to strengthening producers’ skills and expertise to promote their business operations.

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HKScan traditionally acknowledges Producers of the Year in Finland and Sweden. The candidates are chosen based on their work related to animal welfare, operational development and cooperation with HKScan.