Social responsibility

Our community: personnel and farmers

We make life tastier together with our farmers and personnel. All our community earn their living from responsibly produced, tasty food. We have been operating in this way for over 100 years.

Safety and wellbeing of our personnel as our priority

At HKScan, we are about 7,000 in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, the Baltics and Poland. As a company, we take care of the wellbeing, safety and competence of our employees in many different ways. In safety, our motto is Safety First, and we invest in safety in everything we do with a goal of zero accidents.

We take concrete actions to promote our work community’s wellbeing and develop our operations in line with our values, because we care for our personnel. In the autumn 2020, we launched our internal Better Together programme to develop superior work, a functioning work community and the wellbeing of each HKScan employee.

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We help our farmers in the sustainable and competitive food production

Local, reliable raw materials are the basis of our high-quality, tasty products. We closely work together with our farmers to further develop production and responsibility, ensuring the competitiveness of local meat production. We have done so throughout our long history and will continue this way also in the future.

Our animal procurement is based on long-term contracts and close collaboration with the farmers. In Estonia, we farm pigs and broilers on our own farms. Development of competitive farmer communities is part of HKScan’s strategy.

Through our operations, we ensure the continuity of domestic food production in all our home markets, maintain the vitality of the countryside and promote national food security.

Our products are made using local and reliable raw materials.

For our contract farmers, we provide training and guidance on animal farming and welfare, feeding planning, health care and the design of new production facilities. We offer expert help in, e.g. production development, and are involved in the development of farmers’ professional competence. One example of this work is our NextGeneration programme for young farmers.

We have also traditionally awarded the producers of the year in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. The criteria for rewarding are work related to animal welfare, the development of farmers' own operations and good cooperation with HKScan.

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Expertise and networking for young farmers: Next Generation

Our Next Generation training programme provides young farmers with a unique opportunity to learn from top experts in the field, be inspired at work and to network with colleagues. We have started the programme in Finland and Sweden. More information  

More sustainable meat production through Agrofood Ecosystem network

With the Agrofood Ecosystem network, we are developing meat production to make it even more environmentally friendly. Together with the livestock producers and partner companies in the network, we increase our expertise and collect information with advanced technical and digital solutions. The work of Agrofood Ecosystem is focused on four themes: carbon footprint of meat, animal welfare, the Baltic Sea and biodiversity. The aim is to promote transparency throughout the value chain and to utilise the data collected in a consumer-friendly way.  The Agrofood Ecosystem network has already been launched in Finland and we will extend its operations to all our markets.

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Gårdsinitiativet confirming the environmental friendliness of Swedish meat

In Sweden, we promote the climate friendliness of meat productions through the Gårdsinitiativet project. Together with contract farms, we also influence the environmental impacts of the Swedish meat production: we promote the biodiversity and animal welfare, and we reduce water use and eutrophication.

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