Social responsibility

Social Responsibility

HKScan's social responsibility aspects include product safety and quality, occupational health, well-being at work and responsible sourcing and development of local farming communities.

HKScan's operations are based on safe, healthy, high-quality products. Our products comply strictly with product safety standards and responsible operating methods. We listen to our consumers and take their preferences and expectations into account in the development of innovative products and taste experiences.

Our key responsibilities as an employer include ensuring employee health and safety at work. We want to provide our employees a safe and motivating work environment that enables them to further develop their knowledge and skills. We also develop leadership systematically. Everything is based on an equal and diverse work environment.

We want to operate transparently and sustainably in all of our activities, and we expect the same from our suppliers. A well and responsibly managed supply chain ensures efficient and smooth cooperation across the value chain, from the procurement of raw materials all the way to the consumer’s shopping basket.

As part of our 'From Farm to Fork' strategy, we aim to actively participate in the development of local farming communities by promoting well-being and professional competence among producers, as well as supporting local primary production and investments. HKScan also strongly supports local communities through charitable projects.

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